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  • Whether you have a start up business or an already established company, GST registration is mandatory.
  • With the GST implementation, the government is aiming to bring all large and small businesses under the tax net.
  • There has been much confusion among us regarding GST and many of you may find the process of GST registration tough and complicated.
  • If you are living in Coimbatore, and facing the same problem then you are at the right place.
  • We are the one-stop solution to all of your tax related problems. We are providing online GST registration, GST Return e-filing, Income Tax e-filing services in Coimbatore
  • GST refers to the all-in-one direct tax which the whole nation needs to follow and that unite India under one common market.
  • It’s a new tax reform introduced by the govt.
  • GST is a form of tax which is implied on the people of entire India so that the whole of India is unified by one tax service.
  • It’s a single tax system as far as supply of goods and services are concerned from the manufacturer to the customer.
  • It is a form of new tax reform levied on consumer products which is charged directly by the manufacturer. Input tax paid at each stage will be added to subsequent phase of value addition
  • If you want to register a business for GST then it must be included in the price of goods, services and other things that you want to sell to others for small business purpose which is known as “taxable sales”.
  • In some sales GST is not included and they are input taxed or GST-free sales. Once business owners register their business for GST, they can claim a credit for any GST that is there in the price which is termed as GST credit.
  • Therefore, small business owners also need to register their business for their growth.
  • Everything that is related to GST such as laws, rules, rates of goods or services etc, GST Council will prepare suggestions for that.
  • It minimizes tax evasion.
  • Uniform and clear tax system all over India.
  • Transportation of goods and services to other countries for sale will be more competitive.
  • For industrial purposes, it is easier to comply by all tax payers as they all will be under the same payment scale.
  • The GST new tax structures remain uniform no matter where the business establishment is located.
  • Cascading procedures through various chain systems are banned.
  • It enables Easy transportation of goods and services across states and minimizes the cost of your business.
  • There is an effective rise in competition because of reduced costs of the transaction and ultimately a huge gain for producers and manufacturers through cost reduction of local goods and ultimately causing a competition rise of Indian products in international markets.
  • It will be simple and easy to administer for central and state government.
  • It will provide higher revenue efficiency.
  • Single and transparent tax for the customer to the values of goods and services. People will get overall relief on tax burden with the help of GST.
  • Removal of cascading boost in terms of competitive environment for manufacturers and exporters.
  • GST is relevant on the supply of goods and services.
  • GST reduce the burden of multiple taxes.
  • GST implemented from July 1, 2017
  • It is expected that GST will reduce the cost of logistics. It will make an easy supply of goods and make your business more efficient and also there will be estimated GDP growth of 1.5-2 percentages.
  • Integrated GST refers to the tax on interstate supply of goods and services.
  • If a business owner wants to supply goods or services through their website then it’s very much necessary for new GST registration.
  • After a good is produced, all the sellers and manufacturers add taxes to it at various levels before it finally reaches the consumer.
  • With the implication of GST, this process will be changed drastically and the consumer will have to pay tax for only the tax added on the last stage. This makes the taxes charged at all other levels invalid.
If you are confused about the GST registration process and don’t want to stand in long queue. We deliver the most smooth and efficient Online GST registration service in Coimbatore as well as GST Return e-filing and Income Tax e-filing. Don’t have time to do your GST registration yourself? We recommend you to let us handle it so that you can do your important works. We understand the value of your time and so we are here to help, give us your burden and lead a tension-free life. You just have to contact us either through the information given on our website or simply fill up the form and we will get right back to you. As a businessman you know that time is money so waste no more and apply for online GST registration in Coimbatore now.
  1. Colour Photo
  2. PAN Card
  3. AADHAR Card
  4. Office Address Proof:Rental Agreement /Latest E.B Bill/Property Tax Receipt.
  5. Bank Account :S.B Account First Page /Current  Account Front Page/Cancelled Cheque.
  1. All Partners Colour Photos
  2. All Partners PAN Card
  3. All Partners AADHAR Card
  4. Company PAN Card
  5. Partnership Deed
  6. Authorised signatory Letter
  7. Office Address Proof:Rental Agreement /Latest E.B Bill/Property Tax Receipt.
  8. Bank Account : Current Account First Page/Cancelled Cheque
  9. In Case LLP Digital Signature is Mandatory
  1. All Directors Colour Photos
  2. All Directors PAN Card
  3. All Directors AADHAR/Other Address Proof
  4. All Directors DIN Number
  5. Company PAN Card
  6. ROC Certificate Copy
  7. Authorised Signatory Letter
  8. Office Address Proof:Rental Agreement /Latest E.B Bill/Property Tax Receipt.
  9. Bank Account : Current Account First Page/Cancelled Cheque
  10. Digital Signature.

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