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Since, GST is a new reform of tax systems, last date to file returns may push you to commit errors and leave you restless… You may be troubled with the complex, messy procedure and filing norms of GST and seeking for a right solution to avoid penalties.

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GST – Return filing

What is GST return?

GST return refers to a document consists of details of income which taxpayers need to file with the tax administrative authorities which are used by tax authorities. It can be divided into 3 sections:

  1. What to do (Sections)
  2. How to implement (Rules)
  3. Form and formats (GSTR)
What to do?
  • It tells about sections. Sections starts from 37 and end at 48.
  • Section 37, 38 and 39 are interrelated to each other.
  • Section 48 is all about the professionals.
  • Section 37 tells about outwards suppliers whereas 38 tells about inward suppliers and 39 tells about return furnish to all taxable persons.
  • 40 tells about first return, 44 refers to annual return and 45 is about final return.
  • Section 41 refers to claim of ITC, 42 tells about matching, reversal and claim of ITC and 43 also refers to ITC.
  • 46 refers to notice to return defaulter.
  • 47 refers to levy of late fees.
  • 48 refers to GST practitioner.
Form and formats (GSTR)
GSTR-1: Outward supplies details for 10th of next month.
GSTR-2: Inward supplies details for 18th of next month.
GSTR-3: Monthly returns for 20th of next month.
GSTR-3B: Provisional return for the month of July and August of 20th of next month.
(GSTR1, 2 and 3 is not applicable for compounding tax payer and input service distributor)
GSTR-4: Compounding tax payers for 18th of next quarter.
GSTR-5: Nonresident foreign tax payers of 20th of next month.
GSTR-6:  Input service distributors of 15th of next month.
GSTR-7: Tax deducted at source of 10th of next month.
GSTR-8: Details of supplies of 10th of the next month.
GSTR-9: Annual return for 31st of December next year.
GSTR-10: Final return within three months of the date of cancellation or order.
GSTR-11: Details of inward supplies having UIN and claiming the refund of 28th of the month following for filed statement.
Those who are accountable to pay taxes under the GST guidelines, are bound to get their GST returns filed within the deadline mentioned by authorities. They also have to clear their GST payment within this date. It is advised to pay the GST inclusive of the returns as soon as possible and not wait till the very last date. Here are a few issues you will have to face with the authorities if you choose to postpone this payment to the very last date as ruled out by the GST authorities.
The entire payment of tax and filing of return is carried out electronically in India. It need not be mentioned that majority of such GST tax files will be submitted towards the end of the term dictated. So, there might be issues with failure of network or data transfer delay electronically or various other such issues. At the end of the day if you are by chance unable to submit your taxes and returns, then the consequences could be severe for your business establishment or trade.
In addition to the above reason as to why GST tax and returns are to be submitted within the required date, the government has imposed a few rules that will be applicable if the deadline is crossed. In case a tax payer under GST rules fails in doing so within the imposed deadline, a fine of 50 rupees daily will be charged from the last due date of tax payment. This amount will be added daily with the overall tax until the tax payer clears the tax and return filing. Plus, the Indian GST department has taken up measures to send notices for non-filing of the GST returns.
Under Sec 47 of the imposed CGST Act, the Rs 50 per day until the failure is cleared scheme will continue to a maximum amount of Rs 5000 and if the annual return is not paid within the deadline, then also Rs 50 is to be levied each day to a total of a quarter percent of the total turnover of that person. This will be in whichever state of India that person is registered.

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